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Fishing is the number one recreation sport in Australia. There are thousands of fisherman out there that can only dream of travelling to remote destinations in search of that fish of a lifetime. We bring those dreams to life and more.

Fishing Addiction surprises fisherman around the country with amazing fishing adventures. They may be at work, home or even in their local tackle store when the fishing addiction team comes knocking. On the spot they are put on a plane and the adventure begins!

Each winner that comes on the show is given a different challenge that could win them $10,000 – worth of fishing and boating gear from Daiwa and BLA. It may be a line class challenge, a certain number of species or a species of a certain size.

Regardless of the challenge, the trips are to some of the best fishing locations in Australia and are guaranteed to never be forgotten.

About Mark Berg

mark_berg_with_snapperI knew from a very young age that fishing was my passion and I would continue to chase that ever-elusive ‘fish of a life time’ for the rest of my days.

Fishing is one of those sports that you can never really master. There is always something to learn and the dream of capturing a new species or using a new technique or even trying a new location is the constant challenge that keeps me going.

I have been lucky in recent years to travel to many amazing locations throughout this wonderful country of ours. Fishing with some of the best guides and in some of the best locations I have learnt so much and hope that through the many different DVD’s that we have created and the Television shows we produce that our viewers may pick up a trick or two.

I have made some great friendships along the way and am constantly amazed at how passionate people are about fishing in this country.

Over the past 10 years my company has produced over 1 million fishing DVD’s and we are now going into season 5 of ‘Fishing Addiction’ and season 1 of our new series ‘Locals Only’. As our fan base grows we have over 2 million viewers predicted to watch our shows in 2012/2013.

At Kingtide productions our goal will always be to produce the most entertaining and informative fishing production in Australia. We will continue to push the boundaries of production always looking for that impossible shot to bring our viewers as close to the action as possible.

Thanks for your support. See you on the water.

Mark Berg

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